Sky Broadband / Easynet

Easynet were the first operator to begin a large scale LLU rollout in the UK. Whilst Easynet focused on large businesses and government contracts, their subsidiary UK Online focused on the consumer market. Pulling away from their rival Bulldog in 2005, they began offering 20Mbps ADSL2+ broadband at almost exactly the same time Be Unlimited entered the market (It took Bulldog nearly another 9 months to launch its 16Mbps services after this point).

As with seemingly every other major LLU player in 2005, Easynet were snapped up a much larger player - Sky in this case. Sky breathed a fresh wave of investment in to the company and vowed to have 700 unbundled exchanges in operation by Autumn 2006 (a target which they met). Sky, along with Carphone Warehouse and Orange, announced it's "free" broadband product in mid-2006. Running on the back of Easynet's LLU network, the service offered 2Mbps ADSL for free, or up to 16Mbps for a subsidised monthly fee.

As of early 2008, Sky's LLU broadband products are considered by many to be one of the better ones available for power users (along with O2's services)

Providers using the Sky / Easynet LLU network to provide broadband connections:

  • Sky broadband - used by all products except Sky Broadband Connect
  • Easynet
  • UK Online

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