Edge Telecom (Formerly Trilogy Telecom)

Trilogy Telecom caused a stir in the press in 2003 when they began offering ADSL2 servicess (some two years before Be and Easynet) in Cambridgeshire. Supported by a £300,000 contribution by the East of England Development Agency, they unbundled eight exchanges to provide broadband services to areas that BT had deemed unviable. However, BT's planned rollout scheme announced in April 2006 meant that they would offer their ADSL services at these exchanges after all. This eventually caused Trilogy to enter administration, at which point Edge Telecom puchased all their assets.

Edge continue to operate Trilogy's network in Cambridgeshire and have recently restarted their LLU deployment. They are now present in 27 exchanges with a further 25 planned by mid-2008.

Edge are now focussing on providing high-end business services using their LLU infrastructure. Their recently launched EFM product is capable of providing services of up to 40Mbps.

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