TalkTalk (Carphone Warehouse)

Carphone Warehouse took the UK broadband market by storm in April 2006 when they began offering a "free" broadband product. Available on some 1,000 telephone exchanges that Carphone had unbundled, they received some 340,000 registrations in less than 2 months.

The TalkTalk free broadband product is provisioned on exchanges that Carphone Warehouse have unbundled or are intending to unbundle. Where Carphone Warehouse has not yet unbundled an exchange, they will provision customers via BT Wholesale's IPStream product and migrate them once the unbundling process has been completed. Note that it may take a month or so after an exchange has been unbundled before TalkTalk migrate existing customers.

In 2007 Carphone Warehouse purchased AOL UK. They are continuing to operate independantly of TalkTalk, although there are some signs that they are consolidating their LLU networks.

Providers using the Carphone Warehouse LLU network to provide broadband connections:

  • TalkTalk - used by the "free" broadband at 8Mbps
  • Opal Telecom bespoke service

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