WB Internet LLU

Detailed view of WB Internet's LLU network availability

General Information
Provider name WB Internet
Exchanges Enabled 1 | Pending 0
Premises covered by enabled exchanges
Within 1000m 3,631 (15.2%)
Within 2000m 7,142 (29.91%)
Within 5000m 20,202 (84.59%)
Average premises per exchange 23,882
Serves (approx) 23,882 total premises
Exchange coverage by region
East 1 (100%) list
Enabled exchanges 1 (100%)

NOTE: This information pertains only to the LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) activities of . The provider may also offer broadband services using other technologies (most commonly BT Wholesale ADSL services), but this is not included on this page.

  1. Based upon implied line length, which is calculated by taking the straight line distance from the exchange to the premises and then multiplying by 1.4
  2. Coverage maps are regenerated automatically at least once per week