Detailed view of Sky's LLU network availability

General Information
Provider name Sky
Exchanges Enabled 2,794 | Pending 0
Premises covered by enabled exchanges
Within 1000m 5,829,095 (23.33%)
Within 2000m 14,121,103 (56.5%)
Within 5000m 24,191,994 (96.79%)
Average premises per exchange 8,976
Serves (approx) 24,990,147 total premises
Exchange coverage by region
South East 434 (16%) list
East 321 (11%) list
South West 296 (11%) list
Scotland 290 (10%) list
North West 260 (9%) list
West Midlands 222 (8%) list
Yorkshire & Humberside 209 (7%) list
East Midlands 206 (7%) list
Wales 192 (7%) list
London 148 (5%) list
North East 116 (4%) list
Northern Ireland 100 (4%) list
Enabled exchanges 2794 (100%)
Notes & data source information
Easynet were one of (if not the) first LLU operators in the UK. In 2005 BSkyB purchased Easynet and began an aggressive LLU roll-out to support their "free broadband" offerings with Sky TV packages. In addition to supporting Sky, the Easynet network is also used by UKOnline (a subsidiary of Easynet).

Sky very kindly provide regular data updates to this data.

NOTE: This information pertains only to the LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) activities of . The provider may also offer broadband services using other technologies (most commonly BT Wholesale ADSL services), but this is not included on this page.

  1. Based upon implied line length, which is calculated by taking the straight line distance from the exchange to the premises and then multiplying by 1.4
  2. Coverage maps are regenerated automatically at least once per week