Availability Checker Interface

Description This web service allows external sites to perform availability queries for all providers listed on this site (ADSL, Cable, SDSL, LLU, Wireless). Queries can be performed by phone number, postcode or address. Results are returned either as XML or PHP serialized arrays. This checker is available on request only (due to abuse of the previous one). Please contact me at team@samknows.com for access and documentation. Please include a rough estimate of the number of queries you expect to make through the API per day.

Our single use availability checker for manual checking is still available here

Increased LLU, Wireless operator support. Better address-based checking. WBC checks for BT Wholesale.
Support for AOL LLU, Virgin Media and more comprehensive usage examples.
Support for more LLU operators, BT's 21CN rollout dates, faster line speed checks, and LLU and cease checks for phone lines.
Support for new services, increased redundancy, address based checking, more detail about line compatibility issues and precise user input validation.

Contact me at team@samknows.com