UK Broadband Availability

SamKnows has been providing UK broadband availability information via since 2003. The broadband availability service was the original catalyst for the SamKnows site, started by Sam Crawford whilst at University as part of his computer sciences degree. The purpose of the original site was to track and campaign for local loop unbundling in the UK on behalf of consumers. At that time, the UK consumer had little choice in terms of broadband provider, SamKnows became the focal point for the campaign to unbundle telephone exchanges to enable greater competition, to the significant benefit of the UK consumer!

On you'll find the wholesale services available in each location. These are the broadband providers who have deployed their own networks in the area that is defined by either the postcode or telephone number entered into the broadband availability checker. SamKnows also provides a telephone exchange search service, this enables you to search for telephone exchanges by entering your postcode and to map them via Google maps.

All of this functionality is freely available, without charge, from and we hope you find it useful. If you have any thoughts and comments about additional functionality that we could incorporate, please give us a shout.

The UK now has a large number of ISPs offering services with a variety of technologies and price points, either on independent networks or re-selling others. To find out what packages are available in your area, we recommend you visit Compare Broadband.